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i need a hot boy who thinks they’re really ugly so they think im out of their league but actually they are way out of my league

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Olicity Appreciation Week
Day One: Favorite Quote   → 2x07 ‘State vs Queen’

There was no choice to make.

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“Can I be with anybody else if I’m not with you?” — Those are the questions that are being asked this year. Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg talks about Oliver and Felicity’s “emotional arc” in Season 3.

Felicity, I don't think there's a force on Earth that could make you a bad person.

I’ve spent a lot of time being miserable, Jake. It’s like misery is an old friend. And it tricks you sometimes into thinking that it’s just always gonna be there, and that you can’t be h a p p y. But you can, you can walk away from pain. And I think being in love is the best way to do it.